A website is a living entity — nothing else is as crucial to your brand. Your site delivers your message, sells your goods, and lets you talk to your customers or members. When creating a website, we work closely with our clients, analyzing their needs and organizing their content so that the site excels at all its tasks.

Green Gifts web
The Natural Resources Defense Council’s Green Gifts homepage works multiple calls to action into a sparkly seasonal design for the holidays. The home page is  friendly and accessible, which engages viewers with the site and illustrates how their gifts will help save wild lands and wildlife.

Basso Scenery & Props wanted a portfolio website that would be easy for set designers and prop masters to use. The sleek design and color photos showcase the company’s products and services.

Lawsuits are expensive and confusing. RentAJudge.com is affordable and easy, and that’s what their website had to communicate. The homepage clearly explains the service, how fees are structured, and how long it takes — all on one uncluttered screen that underscores the straightforward approach of RentAJudge .

Brindle Development requested a website that would emphasize the scope of its capabilities in large project management. A charcoal-hued, architectural blueprint background stresses Brindle’s close collaboration with architects and developers, while beautiful color photos of their projects compel viewers to click and see more.

Melissa Ward
Delectable, approachable, a little bit retro — Chef Melissa Ward wanted a website that reflected her company’s personality. The checkerboard design and feminine fonts are as inviting as the delicious gourmet organic dishes in the photos.

Green Gifts Mobile
Email campaign for the Natural Resources Defense Council’s Green Gifts rollout to mobile platforms. We also design email blasts and online ads for fundraising.

Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton animated gif
Groundbreaking female leaders urge viewers to vote for Hilary Clinton (last time around!) in this animated online banner ad – one of a series. Click on the single image above to see it in action. For OMP Direct.

BioGems News
Digital newsletters — like these two examples of the NRDC’s BioGems News — offer multiple calls to action, videos, and updates on the organization’s most urgent issues. We designed it to be compelling, lively and easy to read.