Brochures & Publications

In an age of digital media, publications stand out. Print says your organization is stable and valuable. Best of all, brochures and publications have a visible presence — on a desk, in a lobby, on a coffee table — which is why print remains popular.
Natures Voice
The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) consistently relies on us to design and produce Nature’s Voice, a bimonthly tabloid-size newsletter circulated to their members. Tapping our extensive network of wildlife and nature photographers and using our expertise in photo research, we source remarkable images that illustrate the issues, while a dynamic, colorful layout makes the publication inviting and easy to read.

Metropole Brochure
The Hotel Metropole — a boutique hotel on Catalina Island — asked us to design a fresh and lively brochure for the property. Large photographs and a simple layout showcase the lovely setting and many features of the oceanfront resort.

NRDC Annual Report
When you start with a stunning photograph, the challenge is to add graphic elements that will enhance the image while conveying the message. The design of this NRDC Annual Report for members, which we also produced, highlights the organization’s commitment to its mission and its supporters.

BioGems Report
The NRDC commissioned us to design a 32-page BioGems Report on endangered natural places. Each spread features a different wild place and a clean design puts the focus where it matters: on spectacular photographs of the threatened lands and wildlife.

Brit-Amer BC
Design for the cover of this promotional folder for the British American Business Council, Los Angeles, combined the Union Jack and the Stars and Stripes flags with a cross-cultural handshake.

Hotel Metropole Beach House
The Beach House is a separate property of the Hotel Metropole on Catalina Island and required a brochure to promote its luxurious amenities. A soft, romantic look is conveyed with graceful fonts, photo treatments, and colors of the sand and sea.

Save Wild California
The deep greens and blues of a coastal redwood forest set off the magnificent photos in Save Wild California, a brochure for the National Resources Defense Council. The cover typography is appropriately loose and free.

Positive Outlooks
We created a simple yet powerful design for this Positive Outlooks brochure for the Centre for Development and Population (C.E.D.P.A.) A collection of personal stories and images emphasizes the results of their Positive Living project, which involves local partners in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Nigeria.