event marketing

An invitation is a promise: attend this event, and you’ll be talking about it for weeks. Whatever the occasion — awards, entertainment, a good cause — the invitation should inspire an excited, “Yes! I’m in.” We love working with clients to make sure that happens.

Juan Luis Guerra invite
For the Latin Recording Academy’s “Person of the Year Tribute” to Juan Luis Guerra, metallic inks and a vivid yet earthy palette capture the strength and energy of the artist’s music.

The British Festival Ball invite
This invitation for the British American Business Council’s Festival Ball uses the image of the Union Jack reflected in Cinderella’s glass slipper (what other image works better for a ball?)

Grammy Gloria Estefan invite
The invitation to the Latin Recording Academy’s tribute to the legendary Gloria Estefan called for metallic gray, black, and gold in a sophisticated color-block design.

Grammy Salute to Jazz
The sepia-colored keyboard and vintage microphone are a nod to the legacy of Blue Note Records, which was honored at this Grammy “Salute to Jazz.”

Paris Gala
Nuit Blanche — Paris’s annual nighttime art festival — was the theme of a fundraising gala for Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles. A black-and-silver palette and romantic shot of the Eiffel Tower lent a fun and very French feel to the invitation, program, tribute book, and other items such as tickets and auction catalog. The two-color palette kept the cost in check.

Salute To Classical MusicSalute To Others
Invitations for Grammy “Salutes” honoring Classical Music, Jazz, Industry Icons, and Gospel Music feature playful musical notes and staff lines against rich jewel tones.

Grammy Salute - 3 Invites
For three Grammy “Salutes” — to Industry Icons, Jazz, and Classical Music — the fold-over invitation resembles a silk necktie against a dark suit. Silver, brass, and gold metallic inks enhance the glamorous effect.

Latin Awards
Program for a Latin Recording Academy event, the “Special Awards Presentation.” Our goal was to hit the visual sweet spot between fiery and formal.

NRDC Litigators Philly Invite
The power of the giant redwoods echoes that of the justice system in this illustration for an invitation from the Natural Resources Defense Council’s litigators — “The Earth’s Best Defense.”