book covers

Book covers are mini-billboards that must snag the reader’s attention across a bookstore or a computer screen. Working closely with author and publisher, we marry the perfect image to a design and typeface that capture the essence of the book.

1rime Scenes Cover

The writer/publisher asked us to collaborate on the cover and interior of this book featuring posters from the film noir genre. The torrid colors and images convey the atmosphere of lust and violence that permeates these movies.

Water Mill Cover

Jerome Robbins was an iconic 20th century choreographer, and this e-book is an homage to his intensely personal “Watermill” ballet. The cover image is a montage of a scene from the ballet and a photo of Robbins demonstrating a dance move.

Sexico Cover

Sexy Mexican movies are on display in Sexico’s collection of mid-century film posters. A steamy film star, sensuous font and lipstick-red title pop against a simple white background.

I Am Anna Cover

The publisher provided the vintage photograph used on the cover of  I am Anna,  a book about the life of Jesus as told by his mother. With an evocative font and distressed dark linen background, the period and subject matter were honored accordingly.

Amazing LA Environment cover

The publishers of The Amazing L.A. Environment asked us to design a very fun, colorful cover for this book that tells everything you need to know about this dynamic city’s environment: astonishing facts, urgent problems and down-to-earth solutions.

The Catholic Woman

A serious book about religious choices in the modern world needed a striking cover. The bold, graphic presentation reflects the passivity and conflict that the book explores.

Errol Flynn Movie Posters cover

Poster art from the swashbuckling films of Errol Flynn are featured in this book. The title treatment uses a sword piercing a shield — just the right image for the genre that epitomized Flynn’s career.